About Us 

        Our Mission 

Cmsc would like to provide an effective work environment that benefits both our employees and the business. We also strive to promote the clean energy movement while providing reliable experience you can depend on every time. Meeting contract deadlines so you don't have to. The manufacturing industry has moments of influx work that strains all departments across all spectrums of the environment. We would like to mitigate those influxes during hard times relieving lay off periods & missed deadlines.

My experience working for the largest and well respected rapid protype corporation will allow for quick turn over rates. While the knowledge I acquired working for one of the largest aviation companies will provide me the base foundation to handle the responsibilities of management. The key aspect of my role was being in control of production flow. this also allow me to make recommendation that have been proven in field.

The exposure I have received working for many different types of facilities in this industry has provided me a robust and diverse knowledge base with different tactics and resources to take on the responsibility, so you don't have to.